10 Best Developmental Toys For 7-Month-Old Babies – 2021 Collection!

best developmental toys for 7-month-old
10 Best Developmental Toys

Now your toddler is seven months old and you are looking for the best developmental toys for 7-month-old for him/her. Then you are in a quite accurate place. We have compiled the best 10 developmental toys for your kid according to their different mindsets.


As your baby starts growing and reach up to a few months you get the worry that how to develop the baby’s senses and add a little spark to his pre-knowledge.

You may think of many ways for finding the best method for that problem. But sometimes your child fails to acquire knowledge with your methods other than play.


Play is the only shortcut discovered between kids and their creative learnings.

According to the above sentence, you cannot force your 0 to 7 months old infants to learn things and gain knowledge.

Neither you can send them to schools for the development of their mental status and senses.

Because at this early age, a tot can focus and analyze your facial expressions and enjoy playing only.

Then for sure, you opt a way of playing with toys to teach and strengthen the development of your 7-month-old baby.

then you will stumble upon many sites and places for knowing the best developmental toys which suit the mindset of your children.

At this time, we are here to help you with that problem by presenting the best 10 developmental toys for your seven-month-old babies in 2021.

Either your baby is more fun-loving, knowledge-lover, or of somewhat naughty type of baby. You will find our toy collection suitable for your kid’s motor, sensory, visual, and auditory development.

Here is the concise view of our 10 best developmental toys:

Just put a look below and pick up the finest developmental toy which is in accordance with your child’s mind.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin' Soccer Ball

  • Encourages learning through active play

  • Learning, Music & Imagination

  • Requires 3 AA batteries

And Much More!

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy




And Much More!

VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

  • This interactive learning walker

  • The walker includes five piano keys

  • A telephone handset enhances role-play fun

And Much More!

Baby Banana - Yellow Banana Toothbrush




And Much More!

Sassy Fishy Fascination Station 2-in-1 Suction Cup High Chair Toy

  • Supreme Quality

  • Stimulates Baby Development

  • strengthening hand-eye coordination

And Much More!

Splashin'kids Infant Toys Beginner Crawl Along Game Ball

  • A Cinch to Set Up

  • Stunning Eye Catching Graphics

  • Stimulates Baby Development

And Much More!

Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys Teethers Toy

  • Relief Design

  • Stacking Toy

  • Safe Material

And Much More!

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror | Developmental Baby Toy

  • Two-color spinning ball engages baby's curiosity

  • Easel back stands on floor

  • Large True-Reflection Mirror engages baby's developing vision

And Much More!

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

  • Lights up by touching the colored sections

  • Easy to wipe down and clean

  • Imported

And Much More!

Nuby Floating Purple Octopus with 3 Hoopla Rings Interactive Bath Toy

  • 100% Premium material

  • For children ages 18+ months

  • flexible materials that are BPA free

And Much More!

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn

One of the best developmental toys for 7-month-old is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn ball.

It has a range of various attractive features which include numbers, shapes, and words in beautiful colors.

Your baby can start playing with this smiley ball starts with a little push, bat, or by pressing it.

As soon as the children press it, very beautiful sounds and songs start coming from it helping your toddlers learning different things.

While pressing the red buttons, circles, pentagons, and rectangles will help them learn about how shapes are.

Similarly seeing the colorful numbers will assist in their visual skills and listening to the counting from 1-10 will improve your toddler’s hearing capabilities.


  • It has a good music sound.
  • The smiley face is a source of attraction.
  • It is worthy for your child’s auditory development.


  • It may take a little force to start.
  • It has a low volume sometimes.

2. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle

At an early age, many babies desire to hold and chew something flexible and elastic like the Manhattan teether toy.

The spongy soft and continuous tubes made of charming colors make this toy an amazing learner for young babies.

This teether toy learner helps your baby in learning the touching, teething features, and auditory skills.

 Because the winkles of this toy are made completely free of Bisphenol-A so your baby’s teeth are protected.

Several beads within the center of the toy have a loud sound enough to guide your baby in realizing sounds and effects.

These benefits make it among one of the good learning toys for 7-month-old babies.


  • It helps well in motor and sensory development.
  • Made of soft material, and thus lightweight.
  • It is a good teether for the babies.


  • It cannot be washed in the dishwasher, or washing machine.
  • The packing of this toy may be usually un-satisfied.

3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

One of the best fun toys for best developmental toys for 7-month-old baby is the VTech Sit-to-Stand Walker.

It has a telephone, 3 number buttons, 5 piano buttons, and a few amusing gears.

Its wheels are workable on hard floors and also on carpeted areas.

Toddlers can enjoy it when just started walking. Even they can also play with it on the floor by removing the detachable panel from it.

Playing its piano buttons will let the baby recognize sounds.

However pushing, and pressing will improve the motor skills of your infant.

 In the same way, the colorful 3 buttons at the top help in the understanding of counting.

The pretended purple telephone toy attached to its left side gives a rise to the fun activity of a 7 months old baby.


  • The combination of multiple colors makes it an amusing toy.
  •  It helps in the recognition of animals and flowers.
  • It has a detachable panel for playing by keeping on flat surfaces.


  • It is a bit lightweight so you will have to keep an eye on your child while playing with it.
  • The sound does not turn off by itself, you will have to turn it off.

4. Baby Banana – Yellow Toothbrush

A toy named Baby Banana Toothbrush has been invented according to the mindset of somewhat fun-loving and naughty kids.

At an early age, almost all kids need something to press with their gums or early teeth.

For these kids, a toy in the form of a delicious-looking banana has been made now. So that they can pull out the force of their little gums and teeth on this fun-loving toy.

It has soft white bristles made up of completely food-grade silicon improving oral hygiene habits and helping in gum exercise.

Its bristles have 0 percentage of phthalate, bisphenol, latex, and other harmful toxins. Thus your infants can brush or press it without any harm from these toxins.

By playing with this useful toy best developmental toys for 7-month-old toddlers get to know about the fruits like bananas.


  • It has an adorable design that encourages healthy eating and oral hygiene in kids.
  • Its handles are a great plus for the grasping skills of your child.
  • The bristles are made of soft silicone for your child’s safety.


  • The head of the banana may be a bit long.
  • Often difficult to clean it.

5. Sassy Fishy Fascination Station

 One of the best toys for a  seven months old baby is the Sassy Fish       

 Fasinatination Station.

It is a colorful developmental toy for the mental advancement of your jolly infants.

Your child will love rolling the spinning wheel enabling the child to have a

 penetration about cause and effects.

While pulling and tapping the toy helps your toddler in developing muscle and motor movements.

A suction cup is present at the bottom of the Sassy Fishy Fascination

The animal shapes are presented in an amazing way helping the babies in developing an understanding of the animals.


  • By revolving this toy improves your baby’s visual and sensory skills.
  • It also rattles thus helping your baby’s listening senses.
  • It is strong enough to afford any push or kick of your kid.


  • Its suction cup sometimes becomes non-sticky.
  • It is usually difficult to wet after soaking in water.

6. Splashin’ kids Infant Toys

Splashin’ kids Infant toys.

 The specialty of this allotment toy is to help babies crawl by chasing it.

It is inflatable and is made of such material that air does not go out.

Therefore your baby can roll their tummies over it without any worry.

A legend two rattle balls inside it starts lightning once this rolling bag is tapped, pushed, or pulled. This helps in developing the baby’s visual skills.

Different types of animal shapes are also attached inside this plastic rolling ball for the recognition of animals. Beautiful shapes of fruits develop a habit of healthy eating.

However, touching the balls, animals, and beads inside improves your kid’s sensory abilities.


  • The lightning ball causes amusement for the kids.
  • Improves the crawling of your babies.


  • It is not bisphenol-free.
  • For small babies, it may be difficult to hold or grab in their hands.

7. Mini Tudou Baby Soft Building Blocks

Toddlers will definitely enjoy playing with the attractive Mini Tudou Soft Building Blocks.

It has 12 soft and spongy building blocks.

The colorful blocks are soft enough to squeeze and press. In this way, they evolve the touch senses.

The numbers and mathematical operations improve the counting acknowledgment of the babies.

Also, a variety of fruits develop a habit of healthy eating at a very early age. It also has stacking and connecting features also.

Although it has quite a considerable number of benefits, it may sometimes smell like plastic at the opening time due to packing immediately after manufacturing. But you can avoid this by keeping these blocks in the open air.


  •  Soft and spongy blocks to squeeze or chew.
  • Shapes of various numbers and animals are good for mental development.
  • Presence of fruit shapes.


  •  Difficulty in cleaning them due to air holes in them.
  • After sometimes of its usage, the stackings become tough.

8. Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror is made in accordance with the tummy timings.

This playing mirror is of plastic therefore your child will do not face any danger of cutting by the mirror.

With this mirror, the best developmental toys for 7-month-old babies learn how to look and focus on faces.

A toddler can comfortably enjoy it anywhere through its easel back stand.

These colors develop the visual senses of your playful babies.

The red ladybug and the bee help babies developing the know-how of animals. And touching them develops sensory skills best developmental toys for 7-month-old.


  • The mirror is of good quality so no danger in breaking.
  • Being lightweight for comfortable carrying.
  • The attachment of bugs attracts your tots.


  • May become dented during packaging.
  • The ladybug comes out but is not suitable for the baby’s chewing.

9. Baby Einstein Glow Discover Light Bar

        One of the best developmental toys comes to be known as Baby Einstein                                

   Glow Discover Light Bar.

         It has various colorful boxes developing the visual senses of the babies.

Its seven buttons glow up when the little babies tap or press their young fingers on them. 

The music of the buttons is in three different languages for a better understanding of your child’s auditory development. The music is all about the animals and various color names.

Different types of animals drawn on these buttons are a good attempt to assist in the visual learnings of your toddlers.

One of the most crucial benefits of this toy is that it helps a lot in cognitive development best developmental toys for 7-month-old .


  • It has animals and colors and names in 3 different languages.
  • A good choice for the tummy timings of your babies.
  • It has amusing music for keeping the children engaging.


  • May intermix the colors.
  • The buttons need some effort to be pressed.

10. Nuby Floating Purple Octopus

Every child’s learning process is different. One learns knowledge in one way and another in another.

The same is the case with this toy named Ruby Floating Purple Octopus, which is made for the bath timings of your kids.

It is a soft and flexible developmental toy with smooth tentacles. Thus your aby can easily chew it without any worries about the injuries in the gums.

Next, it is made free from bisphenol for the health safety of your tot.

Four colorful rings of different shapes enable the baby to improve their motor and visual skills.

 They will love chasing the rings and chewing the tentacles while taking a bath.

 In this way they will have fun alongside mental development and also the purpose of hygiene will also be fulfilled.


  • They are totally BPA-free therefore your baby can comfortably chew them without any risks of health.
  • Having fun and enjoyable characters helping in the 7-month-old development.
  • It is an adorable toy having the facility of removing the rings.


  • e a bit smaller size than your expectations.
  • You will some difficulty in tossing the rings.

Points to keep in mind when selecting toys:

  • Safety measures:

 Whenever you are going o select developmental toys for your kids make sure that these are safe.

For safety measures, you must look at the warning labels of the toys or you can easily ensure the safety by checking if there is:

  • No pointed or sharp edge.
  • Soft yet flexible.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Confront chewing.
  •  The durability of the toy:

While picking the best toy, let its strength confirm by either searching about it on the internet or by simply asking any toy expert. So as to avoid any inconvenience afterward.

  •  Pick non-poisonous toys:

If you are buying toys without considering this issue then your child will be at a great health risk. For instance, bisphenol A is a toxic material of which most toys are made.

If your baby chews toys made of this material then the chances of neurological diseases will get higher.

That’s why you must inquire about these harmful substances before buying toys.

  •  Developmental but also captivating:

Some developmental toys are made such boring that kids do not even care about playing with them. To avoid this condition you must choose the developmental toys looking colorful, and captivating rough to keep the child interested in learning and playing.

  •  Easy to understand:

You may pick up the toy for its popularity or better functions but what if your kid is unable to understand it?

Hence you must choose the toys best developmental toys for 7-month-old baby can understand easily.


  1. Which toy will be suitable for our kids?

Every child’s learning process is different. One learns knowledge in one way and another in another.

So you can teach your children different ways through a variety of toys according to their interests.

  1. Are the developmental toys crucial?

Not crucial but important. Because at the early age your child learns everything taught to him/her.

  1. Is the Splashin’ kid’s crawling ball a good teether?

Not at all. Because it has some amount of bisphenol A.

  1. Are all these above-listed toys washable?

Yes, they are. But some need to be washed in either soapy or simple water without dishwasher and washing machines.

  1. Do these toys promote solving and reasoning mindsets?

Yes, they do. Seeing the balls running after one another, animal sounds by pressing buttons, crawling after the gaming ball definitely arise the questioning and also the creativity.


If you are looking for the best developmental toys for 7-month-old that will boost your child’s body movements, visual, sensory, and motor skills. Then we have got you clear. Because we have listed the best developmental toys for your child’s development. But before making any decision you should investigate your desired product by checking the seller’s history. And also the product descriptions for the better choice.

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