10 Best Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes For Babies In 2021

wet ones hand wipes
Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes


When you’re caring for a newborn or a toddler, you’ll need baby wet ones hand wipes. They’re ideal for washing dirty hands, faces, and, of course, tiny bottoms during diaper changes.

Baby wet ones wipes are, after all, a simple commodity. However, a brief stroll along any grocery or big box store’s diaper aisle will reveal an abundance of options.

It can be challenging to know which one is best for your kid and your budget, so we’ve highlighted some of the best options to assist you in cleaning up after your dirty little person.

How can I keep the hands of my infant or toddler germ-free?

It’s the most excellent approach to keep your child’s hands clean if you have access to soap and water. When you get home from being outside, wash them for 20 seconds before eating or after using the bathroom if they’re potty trained or just regularly throughout the day. To keep your child’s hand from drying out, apply hand lotion.

Keeping children’s hands clean also entails sanitizing goods and situations with which they come into frequent contact. Hard toys and surfaces should be wiped clean and rinsed, while soft toys should wash in the warmest water possible.

Will baby wipes suffice in an emergency?

According to the CDC, baby wipes are ineffective at removing coronavirus bacteria because they do not contain alcohol. They can, however, be used to clean your child’s dirty hands before applying hand sanitizer — make sure their hands are dry first.

What about antibacterial hand wipes?

Many antibacterial hand wipes have chemicals that haven’t been proven to destroy coronavirus pathogens. The standard is 60 percent alcohol. To summarise, hand washing is the preferred course of action, and supervised use of 60 percent alcohol hand sanitizer is acceptable when soap and water are unavailable.

What to Look for When Buying Baby Wipes

During your child’s baby stage, you’ll find yourself shopping for wipes frequently. Even if you decide to be proactive and include baby wipes on your baby registry, you’ll need to replenish your supply at some time.

So, keep the following factors in mind to ensure that you’re making the best decision for you and your baby:

Unscented vs. scented products

Who doesn’t enjoy the fragrance of baby wipes? However, as lovely as they smell, it’s usually preferable to start with unscented wipes – at least until you’re sure your kid isn’t allergic to odors or fragrances.


No one wants to use a baby wipe if the substance they’re wiping is leaking through directly onto their hands, which is especially true when unwrapping a “blowout” diaper. Choose thicker wipes to ensure that you can completely clean your infant without hesitation.


Pay attention to the ingredients, whether you’re concerned about harsh additives or want a wipe that will nourish your baby’s skin. Most reputable manufacturers clearly say that their wipes are free of potent substances, but keep in mind that the FDA doesn’t back the term “hypoallergenic. ” If you’re unsure about something, do some research and read some reviews from other parents.

Count the number of wipes

Diaper wipes are one product where you can’t get too caught up in the price. When you do the arithmetic, an “expensive” jumbo pack can be more cost-effective. A single pack with a minimal quantity of wipes may also be the cheapest alternative.

As a result, always complete your homework. Because you’ll be using baby wipes so frequently — especially over the first few months of a kid’s life — it’s a bright idea to prioritize quantity above price.

Impact on the environment

While this may not be a high priority for everyone, most companies are striving to employ recycled materials in their packaging at the very least. Keep this in mind as you shop, whether you choose reusable cloth baby wipes or a brand that values recyclable materials.

How to use baby wipes in a more environmentally friendly manner

  • While some wipes claim to be comprised of natural fibers, keep an eye out for those containing plastic. Huggies Pure, for example, includes 65 percent wood pulp but 35 percent plastic (‘to minimize wipe ripping’) and should not be flushed.
  • Wipes must be manufactured entirely of natural fibers to be biodegradable, such as Mum & You wiping, made simply of viscose (cellulose from plants) and believed to biodegrade in as little as 15 days – far faster than cotton.
  • Look for the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) ‘green trees’ logo to see if your wipes include wood fiber. It means that at least 70% of the wood component comes from sustainably managed forests, with the rest coming from “regulated sources.” However, this does not always imply that the wipes’ entire composition is made of wood, so check the label to see if they contain any plastic.
  • Many ‘biodegradable’ baby wipe brands, such as Fred & Flo, are available. The package for biodegradable wipes, which are made entirely of plant-based fibers, states that they should not flush but instead be thrown away or recycled (check with your local council). For further information, look at the specific packaging.
  • Only if the packaging bears the Fine to flush label, a water industry accreditation introduced in 2019, can you be sure they’re flushable.

How we made our decision

We looked for brands that were wonderful for sensitive skin, offered fragrance-free options, were thicker to provide a complete purifying experience, and, of course, opportunities that were either recyclable or natural alternatives to reduce your impact on the environment, in addition to talking to our Healthline family.

A word about the cost

Prices vary greatly based on the quantity purchased due to different wipe counts and packaging sizes. Stock shortages and pricing changes are also common owing to COVID-19. For the most up-to-date pricing, please click the link below each product.

The Best Baby Wipes of 2021

These are the top baby wipes currently on the market.

Baby Wipes, WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes

  • 99.9% purified water with a drop of fruit extract

  • Ideal for sensitive skin

  • Simple and clean

And Much More!

Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes

  • Pampers Sensitive wipes are clinically proven for sensitive skin

  • Thick and gentle for a soothing clean

  • Gentle and hypoallergenic

And Much More!

Amazon Brand - Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes

  • Made with 99% purified water

  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance free


And Much More!


Baby Wipes, Babyganics Unscented Diaper Wipes

  • For use from top to bottoms

  • Formulated with plant derived ingredients

  • Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested

And Much More!

Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes

  • Safe for Sensitive Skin

  • No Harsh Ingredients

  • Free of lotions, fragrances

And Much More!

Pampers Baby Wipes Natural Clean 16X Refill

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • 4X stronger than the leading U.S. subbrand

  • Lotion with touch of aloe in every wipe.

And Much More!

Huggies Simply Clean Unscented Baby Wipes

  • Perfect for hands

  • gentle and reliable

  • clean for the whole family

And Much More!

Mum & You Biodegradable Compostable Vegan Registered Plastic Free Baby Wet Wipes

  • BIODEGRADABLE- 99.4% Water



And Much More!

GroVia Reusable Cloth Diapering Wipes




And Much More!

The Honest Company Designer Baby Wipes

  • Honestly clean

  • Pure & gentle

  • Made without: Alcohol, parabens

And Much More!

1. WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

What sets them apart is that they are developed with mild components that will nourish and protect your baby’s skin rather than causing it to break down with harsh chemicals. In reality, 99.9% of the water in these hydrating wet ones antibacterial hand wipes is pure water, with the remaining 0.1 percent being fruit extract. To be precise, grapefruit seed extract. This acts as an antibacterial agent naturally.

WaterWipes have the same appearance and feel as regular diaper wipes. They’re packaged in a handy plastic bag with a resealable closure. The wipes will stay soaked and ready to use as a result of this. Some people have complained that the wipes are a little dry.

The WaterWipes are also suitable for older children. Our older children used them to wipe up after a sporting activity. Before getting in the car, they would wipe thoroughly to release some of the sweat. It made for a less stinky vehicle trip home, and they appreciated the feeling of being fresh.


  • You won’t find anything better if your child has eczema.
  • Completely natural ingredients
  • They’ve won honors and are endorsed by an eczema organization.


  • They’re extremely pricey.
  • These items aren’t completely biodegradable.

2. Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

These gentle wet ones hand wipes have been dermatologist-tested and do not include scents, which can cause allergic reactions or rashes in children. They have a soft grip feel that cleans your baby gently yet effectively after a wet one’s hand wipes or dirty diaper. The material is gentle on both your baby’s and your skin.

They’re thicker than Pampers’ and won’t shred or cling when you need them the most. That might have come in handy during some of my worst diaper changes when the wet ones hand wipes twisted up into a useless clump that we couldn’t toss away quickly enough.

If you’re seeking natural wet ones hand wipes, this isn’t the product for you. They are, nevertheless, suitable for delicate skin and are a cost-effective solution.


  • For parents who are short on finances, the pricing is reasonable.
  • They’re thick and textured enough to get the job done without having to use a lot of wipes at once.
  • They have a mild fragrance and are incredibly moist.


  • They do leave an oily residue, which is most likely owing to one of the moisturizers used.

3. Amazon Mama Bear Baby Wipes

These Amazon baby wet ones antibacterial wipes are made with pharmaceutical-grade filtered water, cucumber, aloe, and licorice root extract for a gentle clean at an affordable price.

These wipes are large, soft, and durable and can be used somewhere on your baby’s body. They’re great for cleaning sticky faces and hands at mealtime or carrying them in your diaper bag to wipe up the ickiest messes quickly.

You can save from 5 and 15% on each order if you choose Amazon’s auto-delivery option, bringing the price of each wipe down to two cents. By having these wet ones antibacterial wipes supplied on doorsteps when you need them, you save money and save time and valuable energy.

There are 72 wipes in each flip-top pack. They’re also free of harmful chemical irritants like alcohol, dyes, parabens, and phthalates, making them in a zero-landfill facility. They’re ideal for a baby’s delicate skin.


  • Auto-delivery helps you save money and time.
  • Chemical irritants that you don’t want on your baby’s skin aren’t present.
  • To tackle the most challenging messes, it’s soft but durable.


  • After using these wipes, some mothers have seen rashes on their babies.

4. Babyganics Face & Hand Baby Wipes

These should be soothing to any diaper rashes your infant develops, as they are infused with chamomile. However, before using them, check to see whether anyone in your family has a chamomile allergy or sensitivity.

They also use a seed oil blend created from tomatoes, sunflowers, cranberries, black cumin, red raspberry, and other plant-derived components. When rubbed on inflamed skin, these are all non-allergenic and quite soothing. Dermatologists and pediatricians have also tested them.

They don’t have an unusual or strong scent, and when you use one, it doesn’t leave much of a residue. Overall, this is a thick, smooth option that is slightly larger than most others.


  • On your baby’s bottom, the natural components should feel soothing.
  • Large enough to shield your hands completely from messes.
  • The aroma is faint and unobtrusive.


  • They are reasonably priced.

5. Huggies Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes

Huggies wet ones antibacterial wipes have developed some fantastic baby wipes for newborns. They contain natural components that have been carefully selected to gently but effectively clean your baby’s skin. They’re also free of ingredients like parabens, perfumes, and alcohol, which can cause rashes or allergic responses.

These baby wipes, which are enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, can be used everywhere on your newborn’s body, including their sensitive face skin. Because they’re pH balanced, they’ll assist keep your child’s skin in good shape.

We like that it comes with a refilled pouch because life with a newborn is hectic. Maintain the existing pop-top container to save money and grab a wipe with a single hand. This three-pack has a total of 648 wipes, so you’ll have plenty to last for years.

These wipes are ideal for newborns and as a baby shower gift. Mothers-to-be can then start preparing from the first night.


  • Over 600 individual wipes are included in the three-pack.
  • The container can refill.


  • Refills don’t come with a seal.

6. Pampers Natural Clean Baby Wipes

Parents prefer it pampers wet ones antibacterial wipes because they are thicker and more durable than other brands. They’ll also cover your entire hand during a diaper change because they’re not as thin and tight as others.

That extra protection is a blessing for new parents who aren’t used to dealing with obscenely dirty diapers. This wipe is fantastic for parents, but it’s also a good choice for babies because it’s incredibly soft on their skin.

They’re odorless so that no additional scents will irritate your baby’s skin, and they’re hypoallergenic, which is ideal for allergy-prone babies.

They include lotion that has been created with pure water, which is a pleasant touch. These will be nice and comforting on your baby’s bottom unless they are sensitive to aloe, one of the ingredients.


  • These are powerful and capable of dealing with large messes.
  • The cost is reasonable.
  • These can be used to clean faces and hands without leaving behind suds or a lot of residues.


  • They aren’t as wet as a lot of other brands.

7. Huggies Simply Clean Unscented Baby Wipes

You’ll get 792 wet ones to hand wipes in this bundle, which may use on your baby’s bottom, face, or hands – practically anywhere a youngster gets dirty. They’re also odorless, which is a nice change.

They’ve been dermatologist-tested and are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol and parabens, making them suitable for babies with sensitive skin. They also have the advantage of not leaving any bothersome residue behind.

They’re available in disposable soft packs that fit easily in diaper bags when a hard pack wouldn’t. Each one has a flip cover, allowing you to grasp one swiftly. Unfortunately, they will not auto-feed, which means that the next wipe will not be waiting for you.


  • These are tough and won’t tear while you’re working.
  • It’s completely odorless.
  • Skin that is sensitive or delicate will benefit from this product.


  • These are more rigid than other brands.

8. Mum & You Biodegradable Baby Wipes

These Mum & You wet ones antibacterial wipes are an excellent option if you’re worried about the source (and packaging) of your wipes. Not only does this brand include a plant-based recipe, but the container is also 100% recyclable and contains no plastic.

Each pack (which contains 56 wipes) is fragrance-free, contains 99.4% water, and has been dermatologist-approved for use on babies with delicate or eczema-prone skin. They’re also 100 percent biodegradable, breaking down in as little as 15 days after usage, making them excellent for home composters.

99.5 percent of our ingredients are derived from nature. Every component we utilize has been chosen for its moisturizing and soothing characteristics. Our wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically certified, making them safe for even the tiniest children, as well as individuals with sensitive or eczema-prone skin. We’re delighted to be Leaping Bunny approved, Vegan Society recognized, and committed to using PEFC certified sustainable fibers because none of our goods are tested on animals.


  • These are powerful and capable of dealing with large messes.
  • The cost is reasonable.
  • These can be used to clean faces and hands without leaving behind suds or a lot of residues.


  • They aren’t as wet ones hand wipes as a lot of other brands.

9. GroVia Reusable Cloth Diapering Wipes

You can’t deny that disposable wet ones antibacterial hand wipes generate a significant amount of waste. This 12-pack package of reusable towels from GroVia is a terrific choice if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option. Thanks to a poly-cotton blend, each wipe has a cotton terry texture that is exceptionally gentle on your baby’s skin.

They’re also beneficial because they’ll fit inside your diaper warmer if you have a delicate infant who doesn’t like the feeling of cold cloth against their skin. Each wipe is machine washable and is 8 x 8 inches.

The diaper wet ones wipe come in a pack of 12 cloth wipes, each measuring eight × 8 inches. They’re the perfect size for so much more than cleaning a baby’s bottom, and the quantity ensures you have enough while some are soiled or being washed.


  • They’re reasonably priced for what you get.
  • It’s thick enough to accomplish the job.
  • They don’t have an oily or foamy texture.


  • Some parents find the odor to be intense.

10. The Honest Company Plant-Based Wipes

Honest Company wet ones antibacterial hand wipes are a fan favorite due to their focus on using natural ingredients and avoiding harsh chemicals, despite being one of the more expensive selections in our recommendations. Their wipes are made with a plant-based mix that comprises more than 99 percent water and is sustainably sourced.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that these are thicker for added softness. “These are, without a doubt, the best wipes,” one reviewer adds. When I change my young girl’s diaper, it’s super sturdy, so I don’t know to get stuff on my hands.”

Honest wet ones wipes are meticulously designed to include everything you need while leaving out anything you don’t. Our wipes are ultra-thick and durable and are manufactured from responsibly sourced plant-based material. For added loft and softness, as well as simple pop-up dispensing, they’re embossed and interlaced.


  • The majority of the ingredients are plant-based, which is ideal for parents seeking healthier options.
  • Bamboo is well-known for being hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.
  • They are suitable for all skin types.


  • They’re not cheap.

Do Baby Wipes Have an Expiration Date?

If your brand includes lotion or oils, it will last approximately three months once opened and two years once unopened. Simple water wipes or wipes with fewer components may last longer, especially if you don’t let them dry out. If in doubt, practically every brand has an expiration date printed on the package.

If they arrive in soft packaging, store them upside down, and if they come in their container, make sure the lid is closed. When purchasing wipes in bulk or online, make sure you’re not buying wipes that will expire in a month. Don’t worry if they dry up; you might be able to revive them by spritzing them with a bit of water before using them.


Even though they aren’t biodegradable, the WaterWipes baby wipes are our top pick for the best baby wipes. If they’re not irritating to eczema-prone babies, they’ll be extremely gentle on all skin types. These wipes are wetter than regular wipes, as their name implies.

We love that these are made with only two natural ingredients. Suppose you’re concerned about contributing to landfill waste. In that case, we recommend using GroVia cloth diapers instead or using a combination of GroVia wipes at home and Water Wipes in your diaper bag and on the road. That way, you’ll be doing something to help the environment.

Don’t worry if your infant develops a rash as a result of the brand you’re using. Many parents have experienced this. Test a few different formulas, and your baby’s skin should clear up in a few days.

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