11 Tips for Keeping Baby Safe – Baby Safety Tips for First-Time Parents!

Keeping Baby Safe
11 Tips for Keeping Baby Safe

Top 11 tips for keeping baby safe in 2021. Keep babies safe in cribs in 2021. Tips to keep your newborns safe in 2021. Easy and practical ways to keep a baby safe in 2021.


Well you’ve got a baby on the way, congratulations then! Or maybe the kiddo has made it to Earth safely already, in which case, good luck parenting him or her. Parents usually are very concerned after the child’s birth about the safety of the little one. And rightly so.

They want to know about the ways they can keep infants safe. How to take care of the baby when he or she has a fever? How to properly bathe him or her with safety? Another thing that babies should not have are bad names. Baby’s named a bad bad thing?  

Thus we have compiled the top 11 tips for keeping a baby safe for first-time parents. But in order to save you some time, we’ve also added in a very basic summary right here at the start.

            Issues You Might Face                          Solutions
Circumcision.Apply petroleum jelly gently on the tip every time a new diaper is needed.
Umbilical Cord.Let it be or apply alcohol gently so it dries up and falls off. Consult doctor ideally. 
Sleep.Room should be ventilated properly. Keep toys and pillows away. Baby must sleep on his or her back.
Baby in the Bath AloneTake the baby with you by washing and wiping him or her off gently, then wrapping in a towel.
Drapes and Mini-Blinds. Should be away from the crib. Keep them tied and wrapped. 
General Safety.Latches on cabinets and cupboards. Keep sharp items, detergents, machines and chemicals away.
Health.Keep track of fever temperatures and medicine. Use sunscreen if going out in the sun.
Seating and Sleeping.Car seats and cribs must be of good quality and preferably new.

The Tips:

1. Post-Circumcision and Care for the Umbilical Cord:

The safety of the baby becomes a priority right after you know you are about to have one. But not just before and during the birth. And obviously after the birth you’ll see quite a lot of issues to tackle. Like circumcision. 

The penis is very prone to being infected right after circumcision. If the tip is not covered with gauze and petroleum jelly, it can be extremely harmful for the young boy. The tip should be wiped gently with warm (not hot) water every time the diapers are changed. Then the petroleum jelly should be applied gently.

 This is to ensure that the surface of the diaper doesn’t harm the circumcised area. The redness and irritation will go away after a few days of using the jelly. Though contact your doctor immediately if the redness doesn’t go away. 

Doctors have two differing views on the umbilical cord. Some suggest letting it be until it falls off after about three weeks. Others suggest that you gently apply alcohol to it so it dries up and then falls off. Consulting your doctor would be ideal. 

2. Implement safe sleeping habits:

American Academy of Pediatrics have an article on the topic of how to keep your babies safe. We’re linking it here so you can read it with ease. To summarize it:

  • Always have the baby sleep on his or her back.
  • Having the baby sleep on the stomach can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • The room should have proper ventilation at all times. 
  • The crib should be in an environment that is completely smoke-free. 
  • Toys and pillows should not be in the crib when the baby is about to sleep. 
  • Pacifiers (if any) should not have any strings or beads attached to them. 

3. The House Should Be Baby-Proofed:

Magnetic latches should be installed on all cupboards and drawers so as to not have any sharp and dangerous edges a baby can come into contact with. Keep your babies safe and do not let anything dangerous near them. Sharp things in general (like razors, trimmers, scissors and most specifically knives) should always be out of reach and on heights that babies cannot get to. 

Any kind of chemicals like floor-cleaners should also be put in places away from the baby. This goes for machines like lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners too.

4. Never Leave the Baby Alone in the Bathtub:

This goes without saying. Leaving the baby unattended in the bathtub can have disastrous consequences. Babies cab drown unfortunately even in water that is a few inches deep. 

Safety for babies will be a constant need for you from now on. So if you are giving the baby a bath and say, the phone rings. Wash the baby off gently and then carefully wrap him or her in a towel. Then take him or her with you outside of the bathroom. Never rush out of the bathroom leaving the baby all by himself or herself. 

5. Be Careful About Drapes and Mini-Blinds:

Keeping babies safe also means that the baby’s crib should not be right beside any drapes, curtains or mini-blinds. Even a small breeze can blow the drape or blinds into the baby’s crib. Causing him or her to suffocate. So keep the crib away from such items that can pose a threat.

Blinds can also cause strangulation by the cords. So always keep them tied-up and wrapped away. 

6. Detergents Must Always be Far Away:

Babies are by nature very curious in wanting to explore this huge world around them. And while that is in general a really good thing, it comes with risks. Like the risk of the baby accidentally coming across any detergent and tries to ingest it!

Safety for babies is crucial. And in order to prevent such a massive issue, keep detergents out of reach at all times. Storing them in higher cabinets and cupboards is ideal.

Detergents now also are coming in bright pods. Bright colors attract babies a lot, so keep these stored in some high place out of reach as well.  

The dishwasher should not be filled with detergent unless you plan on immediately using it. 

7. Always Use New Car Seats and Cribs:

You will get cribs that you from friends and family as gifts. These might wither be brand new. Or they might have used for these for their own kids. Receiving the latter might be a good idea in the short term, if you’re looking to save some cash. Though safety standards for cribs keep changing. So it’d be wise to invest in a crib yourself and avoid cheaping-out and to keep your baby safe at all times. 

Car seats face the same issue of safety standards changing every now and then. Other than that the seat can have some pieces either loose or totally missing, which can be a major concern for the baby’s safety. 

Older cribs and car seats thus should be used with great care. 

8. Sun and Heat Protection:

Us grown-up adults sweat to decrease our body temperature. It is a built-in tool the body uses during seasons of extreme heat. Babies have that too. But as they are babies, their natural cooling system is not as developed as ours. But we humans have a way in thus department too, to keep a baby safe from the elements.

Ideally a baby should spend no more than half an hour outside in the heat. You also need to make sure that the little one is well-hydrated before he or she goes outside with you. 

Sunscreens of SPF 30 can be applied to babies as their young bodies cannot fight against sunburn compared to the body of an adult. They will end up having sunburn in less than fifteen minutes unless sunscreen is applied to them. 

9. Monitor Fevers Closely:

Temperatures that would not be that major of a concern in bigger kids are of immediate concern for babies! If your baby gets a fever, you should keep your baby safe and monitor that fever every few hours.

Ideally a thermometer that stores all those previous readings should be used. So it doesn’t become a hassle to remember them when needed. However you can also note those temperatures down in your phone, or even on paper. 

10. Medication Should be Used Safely:

The last thing you would want your little one to go through, when he or she is already sick, is feeding him or her extra medicine. Keep track of what syrup is to be given, at what time, and after how many hours. 

Some medicine can be given easily in overdosage, like acetaminophen. Safety for babies demands that you keep a record. Also, no matter what medicine the baby will end up consuming, it should be always approved by your doctor.  

11. Holding the Baby: 

Following are some points you as a new parent have to always consider about keeping your baby safe.  

  • Always wash your hands and sanitize them before holding any baby. 
  • Give support to the neck and head gently instead of trying to give support to the back.
  • Never ever shake a baby as that can cause bleeding in the brain. 
  • If the baby is travelling with you in a car, or a stroller, make sure he or she is properly fastened to the seat. 


If you follow these tips of ours, not just your young one. But even you will be able to live a happy and peaceful life, while keeping the baby safe too! Though a pediatrician must always be contacted in case of either any consultation, or immediate advice.

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