Best Baby Carrier For Nursing A Newborn In 2021

best baby carrier for nursing
Breathable, safe, best baby carrier for nursing a newborn and convenient best baby wraps and carriers for newborns making nursing your newborn.

Breathable, safe, best baby carrier for nursing a newborn and convenient best baby wraps and carriers for newborns making nursing your newborn on the go very easy with no extra strain on your neck or any jerks to the delicate baby body.

Newborns are unpredictable same goes for their feeding routines. First-time mothers feel helpless and occupied all the time and find stepping out of the home like an impossible task. For extra clingy babies who don’t want to leave their and want to stay at their chest all the time, baby carriers are a blessing.

best baby carrier for nursing a newborn not only helps you in carrying the baby around while being free to do other tasks but also helps to nurse your crying newborn easily outside the home without having to worry about privacy and a comfortable feeding angle. 

The market is full of baby carrier belts and slings with different features and sizes for different stages of babies and if you are in confusion about choosing the right one that fits your baby and gives comfort and good support to the baby while carrying them you are at the right spot.

We have reviewed the 7 best baby carriers for nursing a newborn for you so you can have the best baby carrier for your newborn and get your hand free for other things and nurse fearlessly anywhere.

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

  • Made in USA or Imported



And Much More!

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini

  • Perfect first carrier for newborns

  • Adjustable seat and head support

  • Easy-on and off for parents

And Much More!

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

  • One carrier that does it all

  • 100% premium cotton

  • Large removable storage pouch

And Much More!

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier - Ergonomic

  • 4-in-1 carrier with adjustable ergonomic seat

  • Convertible facing-in and facing-out design

  • smartly designed products for happy parenting

And Much More!

Baby K'tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier




And Much More!

Boba Wrap (Navy) & Boba X (Chambray) Baby Carrier


  •  support your child from newborn to toddler

  • Machine Washable

And Much More!

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Six-Position Baby Carrier

  • Baby Carrier provides comfort and support

  • Hands Free Comfort

  • best babywearing solutions

And Much More!

Buying guide for getting the best baby carrier for your newborn

Not all the baby carriers available online or on market are suitable for newborns and while buying it for very small babies you must pay proper attention to the type of carrier, its built material, breathability, and durability, etc. If you reside in a fairly warmer region then choose a baby wrap that is suitable for hot weather or like wisely a warmer carrier for cold weather.

Choosing the best baby wrap for your newborn is not an easy task and we understand the confused and puzzled brain space of the new moms. Have look at the list of features that you must keep in mind for getting hands-on the best-suited baby carrier for your newborn for breastfeeding.

  1. Type

Before investing your money in a baby carrier the first factor to look at is the style or type of baby carrier. Although all of the types are good and helpful in breastfeeding the case may vary according to the features and comfort in nursing from person to person. Choose the one you feel most relaxed and comfortable to hold your baby in a nursing position

  1. Wrap 

 Wrap baby carriers are a stretchy long fabric to tie your baby against your body by tying the fabric around your torso. Wrap baby carriers give great support and coverage for nursing the newborn. These types of carriers are quite adjustable and fit any size body. 

But wearing them is a bit tricky while wrapping the baby and tying around the body. Baby wrap carriers for hot weather are not preferred due to warm fabric and may cause the baby to heat up.

  1. Ring sling

Ring sling baby carriers include a ring with stretchy fabric to adjust and wrap the baby easily and quickly. They also give extra coverage and ample space for the baby to snug. The carrier is adjustable for reclining nursing positions for newborns and higher for older babies. 

  1. Structured

A structured carrier is a padded and strapped baby carrier that has buckles to wrap around. The carrier is good for safety and support and may offer multiple carrying positions but nursing is a bit difficult especially for newborns and also it doesn’t offer much privacy.

  1. Mei tie

It’s an Asian sling-type carrier with straps included to buckle down. Support and safety-wise the carrier is great but it is preferred for babies who can support their neck and for higher feeding positions. These carriers also don’t have much coverage so if privacy is an issue these aren’t suitable for newborn nursing.

  1. Pouch sling

Pouch sling baby carriers are the most common carriers that hold the baby as you carry on your hip. These are preferred for older babies and do offer a comfortable and covered position for nursing. Pouch slings are the best type of woven wrap carriers for toddlers.

  1. Easy to wear and wash Fabric

 Choosing anything that comes in contact with your baby’s skin must be delicate and soft. Hard fabrics like nylon or synthetic ones may irritate your baby’s skin or cause rashes while they nurse. Pure cotton or spandex stretchable fabric is good to get in a baby sling.

With too many milk spit-ups and blowouts, a fabric that is easy to wash and stain-resistant will be a lifesaver for you. Baby Slings or wraps for hot weather must be stitched from light breathable fabric to keep the baby comfortable and cool.

  1. Coverage for privacy

Coverage is a prime factor if you don’t want to reveal it in public and want to have complete privacy while nursing your newborn. A sling or wrap baby carrier will be great for full coverage while feeding. The slings are very stretchable and provide great coverage and privacy even for plus-size nursing moms.

  1. Safety

 Before leaving the baby from your hands you need complete assurance about the strength and safety of the best baby carrier for nursing a newborn that holds your most precious possession, i.e. your baby. While sling and wraps are quite safe but if you need better safety and secured carrier than structured baby carriers are a better option

  1. Comfort and support

Comfort while holding or better back support to nurse the baby more conveniently and for longer spans is a great feature to look into. Baby carriers for nursing newborns having padding or proper straps to apply less pressure on your back and baby’s neck are a good choice. Slings are also very comfortable and give great support to both baby and mama.

  1. Adjustable and multiple modes

 For nursing the newborn quickly and on-demand a baby carrier that is easy to adjust the best baby carrier for nursing a newborn in different positions for nursing efficiently or offering multiple holding modes to use for newborns and older babies are a plus to buy.

Best baby carriers for nursing a newborn

Here is a list of the best baby carriers and wraps available in the market for nursing newborns comfortably with great support and coverage:

1. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – best baby wrap for humid and hot weather

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Ring sling-style Moby wrap baby carrier is made from pure cotton offering great comfortable and adjustable size to secure all size babies safely. The sling gives great support to the back for nursing sessions while carrying the baby against the body


Breathable fabric

The fabric is light and pure cotton making it cool and soft for the babies. This sling offers good breathability and parents don’t feel hot while wearing it as compared to other sling wraps. Due to its light material and breathable fabric this sling is best suited for carrying newborns in hot weather.  The fabric of this wrap is easy to wash and stain-resistant.

Great fit

 With a ring for easy wear and fit this baby carrier gives great fit and has adjustable fittings to carry from preemie babies to toddlers easily.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the Moby wrap is quite great and holds up to 33-pound babies easily and safely.


With ample support to the back and neck of the mother and baby, this wrap is comfortable for both.  You can easily hold the baby in multiple positions without any strain on your back or neck. The nursing reclining or upward positions are quickly and conveniently achieved while holding the baby in a wrap. 

Good coverage

 For plus-size moms nursing carrier for newborns that offers good coverage is a relief and worth 18 ft. fabric in this sling the wrap is best to ensure privacy while you nurse your baby in public.


  • Breathable material
  • Adjustable for multiple feeding positions
  • Equally good for newborns and toddlersEnsure privacy with an impressive coverageWashable fabric


  • It May be difficult to use initially

2. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier 

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini

This one is a structured baby carrier that gives great support and safety to carry your baby while on a mall trip or walking. The carrier is super easy to wear and buckle and no complex tying is required.



Built wise this baby carrier is great in terms of durability and can hold up to 3 years old babies with no breaking or tearing. The fabric is washable and doesn’t get rough or old with use quickly.


 BabyBjorn baby carrier gives additional head and neck support to the newborn babies so that their head may not fall forward and block the airways. The pouch placement is sturdy and reliable to place your newborn to toddler without any worries. The straps and buckles secure the baby completely on your torso and there are near to zero chances of its slipping.

Extra padding gives safety in case of collision or jerks and the baby won’t get any effect with that.


With additional back support and safety, the baby carrier is a great comfort for the mom and baby alike and you can hold your baby easily in multiple positions to nurse. This is one of the best baby carriers for plus size moms who are already frustrated with pregnancy back pains

Easy wash and use

Fabric is pure cotton or 3d mesh wand is machine washable giving you relief from extra washing and hassle while the baby carrier gets dirty from baby diaper leakage or spits ups.


 Stylish and durable design with a great outlook and multiple colors gives this baby carrier extra cuteness points along with safety and comfort.


  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Extra back support Head and neck straps for newborns
  • Machine washable Breathable and light fabric


  • Doesn’t give good coverage for nursing
  • Pressure on shoulders while carrying a big baby

3. Ergobaby Omni 360 – Best all-rounder 

Ergobaby 360

Ergobaby paved its way in the baby registries with its highly comfortable and versatile range. Your every penny spend is worthwhile when he/ she sits and adores you affectionately so closely. 

Ergobaby cares for your infants since they are 7pounds only. Yes! You heard right! It offers maximum support till your baby turns to be 45 lbs. 



The design has a hood attached to it to provide sun protection to the baby. Also, it will let the child have a quality sleep without any disturbance due to wind and any distraction. 

Ergobaby is the best baby carrier for nursing a newborn. The carrier is perfect to suit your needs for 48 months. It has a big pouch to fit in all your essentials. 

Small babies support

You can fit your small baby in this carrier even without putting any insert in the carriers. It is perfect for a 7-pound baby even. 

lumber support

The lumbar support is a worth mentioning feature. Being a plus-size mom or having a big baby is not stressful anymore. You get full support to carry your baby stress-free

Cross body strap

The cross-body straps offer further support for the back while carrying for long hours. You don’t need to put your baby and take out the straps. It is easy to manage tasks even using one hand and with safety locks


  • Three different options of the leg width Lumbar
  • Support Suitable for a wide age range
  • Highly comfortable
  • Premium cotton material and washable


  • Hard to fasten the shoulder straps
  • Bit Expensive
  • Thick cushioning makes it hot

4. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier- best baby wrap for hot weather 

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier

Infantino is the perfect well-known company serving high-end quality products for infant and maternal needs in the United States. 

Count in Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier as your best baby carrier for nursing a newborn. You can quickly meet every need of your baby at a nominal price with the Infantino product. 

Infantino designed its carrier with the idea of infants as well as older babies. Your child can experience the warmth of his/ her mother either lying inward in the front or back or outward-facing. 

Ok! You don’t need to worry about the split-up; it got a bib. Infantino knows your young one is tiny. Thus, your carrier will remain clean from any spilled due to the bib. You must not forget, it comes up with the machine washcloth cover to protect it from inevitable blowouts from the diapers. 



You should not stress out carrying your sugar plum anymore. You got a wrap and tied design to facilitate your baby’s carrying without putting excessive stress on the shoulders. The waist belt maximizes flexibility and comfort level.

You can easily adjust the belt according to the moms’ waist and baby’s body too. What a treat for the plus-size mommies? The shoulder belt’s width with fillers is appropriate to disperse the baby’s weight. The pressure reduces on the plus-size mommies’ shoulders. 

Leg design of M-shape

The relaxing and natural sitting posture of the baby offers healthy development of your infant’s leg bones. 


The fabric makes it the best baby wrap for hot weather. Being breathable and softy, you will like using it in summer too. The other most important thing with the infants is whether it is washable or not? So yes, be happy you can machine wash it. Just don’t press it! 

Windproof cap

The carrier got a detachable windproof cap to save you from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Let your baby stay warm with the heat in the best baby wrap for hot weather and no cold wind hitting hard on his face. Moreover, the same goes for summer, and the scorching sun cannot disturb him while sleeping. 


  • Affordable
  • Four carrying positions
  • Multi-purpose bib
  • Outstanding carrier in affordable budget
  • Design of wrap and tie without buckle


  • Not preferable for long duration
  • Less comfort level for the infants
  • Less weight limit

5. Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier- Best sling for plus-size moms

Baby K'tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier

Best Sling for Plus Size Moms is mostly a basic necessity for any mom after pregnancy. Baby K’tan knows the needs of babies as well, plus size mommies. You don’t need to worry much if you are an XS mommy or an XXL mommy. Baby K’tan is perfect to match the needs of all-sized mommies. 

These baby slings for plus-size moms by K’tan will let you enjoy a hand-free experience. The fabric structure will support your baby’s head neck. The double loop design distributes the weight evenly on the carrier’s shoulders and back. 


 Baby slings for plus size moms and dads

The plus-size moms and dads can fit in easily in these slings. The multitude of sizes has the ideal design for enhancing and promoting breastfeeding. You get the choice of iterations like a sling and wraps with the various positions. Let your baby position him/ her reclined, on hips or hugging pose). Enjoy working around in hassle and ensure your baby remains with you in the baby slings for plus-size moms and dads.

Easy to wear

Wearing these baby slings for plus-size moms and dads is not a big deal. You can even wear it one hand. Slip it on like a shirt and wear this wrap-style baby carrier. It has no belt, buckles, rings, or clasps to annoy you. There is no confusion due to its excessive fabric.

Guess what? Baby slings of plus-size moms are preferable by the dads too. They enjoy the privilege of letting their subtle touch and care. Even dads love wearing the Baby K’tan Original Wrap Baby Carrier without any fuss. The stretchy material easily adjusts to the dad’s tummy. 


These baby slings for plus-size moms are made with 100% pure cotton to let the kids remain comfortable in their carriers. It is undoubtedly preferable for babies because of its soft and breathable cotton. 

Double shoulder sling 

The double shoulder sling of this baby sling distributes the children’s weight evenly. Even moms will love carrying heavily weighted kids too. They will get no strain on their backs for long durations. 

Easy care

The design of these slings comes with carrying bags of matching colors. It turns out into a support sash. 


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable straps
  • Machine washable
  • Easy breastfeeding while using it


  • Buy the right size else it will not fit perfectly
  • Various sizes so one has to buy to fit in

6. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier- best-woven wrap for toddler

Boba Wrap

Probably you will not like to carry the baby all around and miss your essential works. Motherhood and chores have to go along. With the best-woven wrap for toddlers, you will be able to manage work and motherhood forth.

Nothing is better than Boba Wrap Baby Carrier if you wish for traditional wraps. It comes in various colors in a super soft material to provide a wonderful breastfeeding time for your kids. The size is adjustable and can fit anyone. Mummies can tie around their waist and ready to go. Being machine washable, it is perfect for nursing mothers. 

Easy to use

The fabric remains easy to use because it is easy to wash. When it gets dirty, you can wash it in machines. The classic style will let your colicky baby soothe down quickly. Being washable, you can easily use it regularly. 


The material of the best-woven wrap of a toddler by Boba Wrap is cotton. Pure cotton makes the carrier to be breathable. The air keeps on passing and lets the child remain calm. 

Baby weight

It offers the child to remain with their mothers from childhood to four years. Therefore, it becomes a significant opportunity for mother and child both to enjoy their time and closeness


  • Variety of colors7lbs to 35lbs
  • Pure cotton
  • Washable
  • Easy to use


  • Front position onlyOnly one size

7. LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons- Best Versatile


LILLEbaby is the best baby carrier for nursing moms all because of its innovative features and versatile design. The two straps provide convenient back and front support as per the needs. The large pocket and detachable sleeping hood add the cherry on the top in the carrier.

Be that the storage pockets to keep extra things or adjustable straps to make the baby comfortable, the LiLLEbaby carrier has all. The baby can adjust his hip comfortability, all thanks to the side panels. 

 Six carrying positions

A mother indeed does not have six sides. But the flexible and best baby carrier for nursing mom offers excellent flexibility with six positions. There are two options for the babies and four positions for the babies 4-6 months

Side panels

The side panels let the child experience safe movement. You can easily breastfeed them, or they can lay without the fear of slipping or falling off. 

Padded shoulder straps

Carrying your child in the best baby carrier of nursing mom will prove fascinating and enjoyable in the early stages. But when the child grows older, it can turn to be tedious. The padded shoulder straps will put less strain on the shoulder, back, and body.


  • Six sides
  • Side panels
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lumbar support
  • Generous padding


  • A design flaw in the head cap and pocket
  • The fetal position makes legs curl

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is a sling carrier better or a structured carrier for nursing a newborn?

While the structured carrier is safer but nursing is easier with good coverage in a sling baby carrier as it is stretchable and adjustable quickly to get the baby in a suckling position immediately. 

  1. Is holding 3 days old bay in a carrier safe?

Yes, baby carriers have additional padding and back support for newborns whole wraps and slings are as good as holding in arms so you can use a baby carrier for your newborn without any worries.

  1. How can you breastfeed in the carrier with privacy?

Baby carriers cover the front of your body and with wraps and slings, the fabric is stretchable enough to nurse the baby while having complete privacy. Structured carriers also offer privacy while covering at least the front.

  1. Is reclining position nursing in carrier safe for a newborn?

For newborns reclining position while nursing is much safer so that due to fast let down or big gulp the baby doesn’t choke and gets fussy on the breast. Most newborn nursing baby carriers are designed to offer reclining nursing positions that are more comfortable and safer.


This was a brief overview of best baby carrier for nursing a newborn types that support breastfeeding with the review of the best baby carriers of nursing newborns available in the market. Hopefully, you now have a good idea about what to look into while buying a baby carrier for your little munchkin.

All of the above products are best in their respects giving great comfort and coverage for feeding your newborn outside but in terms of comfort, coverage, and breathability we recommend Moby baby wrap as it is most suited to carry newborns and is quick to wear and adjustable to get baby in comfortable nursing position easily.

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