Best Convertible Car Seat For Newborns In 2021

Convertible Car Seat For Newborns
Convertible Car Seat For Newborns

Going for the best convertible car seat for your newborn can be a very tough decision, especially when the market is full of new brands. Convertible car seats are decent and last for years, which adds to the importance of the decision. Because this seat will be your baby’s partner for a long time, it is on you to look for the one that brings comfort to your baby. Although many parents prefer to use a newborn car seat for their babies’ first six months, convertible car seats are built to be used from birth to toddlerhood, and in many cases, they are good for your big toddlers too. Convertible car seats can convert from rear-facing to forward-facing and can handle toddlers weighing up to 40 pounds. Some even transform into supporter seats; in addition to the fact that they have a long period of usability, it offers additional benefit to you and your child.  

If you are now searching the internet and wondering which car seat you should opt for and what one new parent should look for when buying a convertible car seat, there is no need to worry. We surveyed the market thoroughly to find the finest, most convenient car seat available. It is either a mickey mouse front-facing car seat and a  compact convertible car seat; we have come up with a list of car seats that will make every ride easier for you and your baby. 

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

  • Extend2Fit 4-position adjustable extension panel

  • Up to 50 pounds rear-facing

  • Simply Safe Adjust no-rethread headrest and harness

And Much More!

BRITAX ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

  • Easy installation

  • Quick adjust 14 position harness with click

  • Rear facing 5 to 40 pounds

And Much More!

Chicco NextFit Zip Max Convertible Car Seat

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 65.00 lbs

  • Breathable 3D air Mesh backrest

  • 2 layers of side impact protection

And Much More!

Disney Baby Grow & Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

  • 3 stages: Rear facing 5 40 pounds

  • Side impact protection

  • Quick fit harness for easy adjustment

And Much More!

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat

  • Built Like a Tank

  • Revolutionary Forward-Facing Safety

  • Effortless Forward-Facing Installation

And Much More!

Diono 2020 Radian 3QX, 4-in-1 Convertible




And Much More!

Safety 1st Grow and Go All-in-One Car Seat

  • Easy in, easy out

  • Quickfit harness

  • Wash and dry

And Much More!

Let us look into the best convertible car seats for newborns in 2021

1. Graco Extend2Fit

Convertible car seats aren’t often associated with rear-facing seating. However, with the American Academy of Paediatrics advice to keep babies rear faced until they hit the age of two. And rear facing is  particularly simple with this Graco convertible car seat. Whenever the seat tilts in one of the six recline positions, an expansion panel adds 5 inches of extra legroom. This eliminates the risk of a toddler’s legs being squished when they are in a rear-facing. In addition, this seat supports rear-facing children weighing up to 50 pounds, as opposed to the usual forty pounds.  It is a more reliable Graco with excellent top crash test scores. With cup holders, side harness retainers, this seat is surprisingly lightweight and simple to use.

Is Graco Extend2fit worth it? 

The Extend2Fit is exceptional in that it can stay rear-facing up to 50 pounds and has a no harness height change that you can do when your baby is in the car. This Graco is 19 inches in length, making it difficult to accommodate three safety seats or two seats and an adult around it. It’s a little more tricky to put in the car, and the reliability isn’t quite as good as equally priced alternatives. On the other hand, this seat has the best crash test performance, a low price, and allows children to stay rear-facing for longer. This Graco might be the right choice for you if you want something that can pass crash tests. 


  • Excellent crash test performance. 
  • Supports rear-facing up to 50 lbs. 


  • Built material isn’t good. 

2. Britax Boulevard convertible baby car seat: 

This iconic car seat from Britax Boulevard convertible car seat is known for its durability. The Boulevard’s defensive measures include two levels of side-impact padding, a tough steel frame, and an absorbing heart that compresses to reduce crash force. 

It’s easy to put together—you’ll know when the belt is properly tightened because it makes a pleasing click. In 1996, Britax made its debut in the United States. In a brief period of time, the company had developed itself as one of the world’s most prominent baby equipment manufacturers. The Britax corporation creates baby accessories that help families live better lives, such as strollers and convertible car seats The no-rethread harness is simple to change and has ten positions to accommodate your child’s growth.

Is britbax worth considering?

Because with all the additional safety features, this isn’t a seat you’ll want to carry from car to car. The Boulevard and one other passenger or car seat would most certainly fit in your backseat. It is a high-end convertible car seat with a price tag to fit. This seat is the simplest to setup, making it potentially safer than other car seat mentioned in the list. 


  • Heavy. 
  • Satisfactory crash test result. 


  • Comes with additional safety features. 
  • Easy to install. 

3. Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat: 

As per the AMP, children can sit in the rear-facing very much before they reach the legal weight limit. The seat has higher rear facing weight limit that is 50 pounds and provides 25% more space to your child as compared to other seats mentioned in the list. The NextFit Max features a “Super Cinch” harness that makes operating the LATCH mechanism a breeze In both modes; rear facing as well as front facing, bubble thresholds mean that you’ve achieved the ideal seat angle. This seat also has nine recline positions, allowing it to fit in a larger range of vehicles. 

Is Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat worth considering?

This car seat comes with sides that are very high. Although a few people are unconcerned about this, others are, especially caregivers that are old and do not possess any energy to comfortably raise a child into and out of the seat. This seat is also on the heavier side, so it may not be suitable for small vehicles. 


  • The high sides the doesn’t let the kids go out. 
  • Easy washing. 
  • Good for large cars.


  • Not suitable for large cars. 
  • Heavier in weight. 

4: Disney Baby Grow & Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat: 

 Disney Baby Grow & Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat elegantly built and is also loaded with smart features for maximum protection as well as convenience. It has a 50-pound rear-facing weight cap and an adjustable calf rest that provides two inches of legroom for increased safety. Disney Baby Grow & Go recommends using the car’s seat belt for installation, but there are also detachable cup holders, a no-rethread belt, and breathable knit cloth with ventilation boards. Most experts nowadays suggest to keep the rear facing of your child as long as you can, as rear-facing is considered 5x safer than forward facing. This statistic definitely factors into Nuna’s decision to offer extended rear-facing in the Disney Baby Grow & Go, keeping kids safe for longer. 

Is Disney Baby Grow & Go compact convertible car seat worth considering? 

It has impressive safety features, such as side impact security foam, extended rear-facing, and simple seat belt mounting. It is built to be stable and usable without losing ease of usage. The better installation, according to most car seat specialists, is the one you can perform perfectly. Many users agree this seat provides more legroom for front-seat passengers, which is particularly useful for parents who don’t like being squeezed into the front seat. According to car seat researchers, getting a right match for newborns can be difficult. So Disney Baby Grow & Go can be the right one, for you. 


  • Easy to clean and install. 


  • It is very expensive. 
  • It Is heavier than others mentioned In the list. 
  • Not good for travelling. 

5. Clek foonf Compact Convertible Car Seat: 

You are going to love this one as this one seat has a lot to offer. The Clek foonf has the a framework made up of magnesium and light weight steel. The side foams are made up of energy absorbing and easy to wash material. The Clek foonf has a nine-year lifetime and can also be use in rear-facing position for up to fifty pounds.  Being a cherry on the top, the seat is made up of fabric that’s Greenguard Gold certified. The installation is simple using LATCH or your vehicle’s seat belt. Given the Clek foonf impressive features, it’s on the narrow side—three people will sit into a back seat.

Is Clek foonf Compact Convertible Car Seat worth considering?

There’s no denying that the foonf is a beast; it’s not a seat you’ll want to take in and out of your vehicle on a regular basis. It’s also a tall seat, so if you’re short, it could block your view out the back window . It’s also very costly. 


  • Comes with extra smart features 
  • Very sleek design


  • It is very costly. 
  • It is designed for rear facing too. 

6: Diono Radian compact convertible car seat: 

This pleasing to eyes  car seat is famous for its slim and handy design. The car seat is so easy to mount in your car that it takes minutes to remove from the car. Also Diono Radian comes with a perfectly sleek design that occupies very less space.  You can add three more people in your car along with the car seat. Diono Radian is going to be your baby’s partner from his birth to his growing years. The frame is made up of light weight steel and aluminum sides with EPS foam. It also offer reclining positions up to 12 and an interchangeable head brace.  A new leather cover for the back side of the car seat is one of the most prominent features. It’s a step up from the rear-facing chairs, which have black plastic and a slew of unsightly stickers.

Is Diono Radian compact convertible car seat worth considering? 

We consulted with car seat technicians who have one big concern about this seat: installation. It can be difficult to choose a suitable one, so read the guide carefully and follow the installation videos. It’s also a fairly substantial convertible car seat. The majority of convertible car seats on the market are decent, but not perfect in any way. They can be heavy, or too large for an infant to step into. The 3RXT comes close to meeting all of the criteria, but there is still room for improvement, especially in terms of newborn and booster fit.


  • It has a very sleek design.
  • Can be converted into booster. 


  • Very tough to install. 
  • Heavy to handle. 

7: Grow and Go Convertible Car Seat: 

Safety 1st grow is an all-rounder that can be purchased for a reasonable price.  The seat comes with cupholders so that you can put baby bottles, a seat padding that is removable and washable. It also allows three recline positions. The built-in belt holders allows you to get your baby out of the car seat easily. 

Is it worth considering? 

Some parents are dissatisfied with the fact that this car seat’s headrest does not extend as far as other brands. In addition to this it does not allow many recline positions, unlike many mentioned in the list. Furthermore, it can also be  very difficult for the parents to mount it, you will have to watch some “How to” videos to get some understanding. 


  • Not heavily priced
  • Light in weight 


  • None


What is the right time to invest in a convertible car seat? 

It just depends on you and your needs. Many parents prefer to use a convertible car seat right after the birth of their child, while many  prefer to opt for an infant seat and then after their child learn how to sit properly they shift to convertible car seats. It is because infant seats are very compact as compared to the convertible car seat and are very easy to use and mount. 

Contrary to this Convertible seats, are mounted straight onto a frame and are intended to click in and out of the car for  portability. Many car systems comes with LATCH system, that makes the mounting the easy. The majority of convertible seats are cumbersome and hard, and cannot be taken about like an infant seat.

If you are someone who is thinking to buy convertible car seats from the birth of your child and if the chances are that your child will be sitting in more than one car, we suggest you that you invest in two or three car seats. Because it becomes really hard at times to shift your car seat from one car to another. 

Keep following points in mind when buying you baby a convertible car seat: 

Add it into your notes that your car seat must follow the safety standards of government; however, certain car-seats have additional features or can be used for extended periods of time. When selecting a convertible car seat, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Safety: 

Any car seats have built-in levelling mechanisms and signs to let you know if they’ve been assembled properly. Your child’s security should be your number one priority, it is great to buy a convertible car with good  crash test. 

  • How it suits in your vehicle: 

 Car seats come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Others are longer than some, whereas some are smaller. Make sure it fits your vehicle. 

  • Raise the weight caps for rear-facing car seats:

A the body of research suggests that rear-facing is preferable to forward-facing for babies and toddlers. If at all possible, use a folding seat that comes with higher rear facing limit so it gets easy for you to the rear-face. 

high rear-facing weight limit so you can rear-face for as long as possible.

  • The material:

In addition to choosing a fabric pattern that appeals to you, think about its longevity and how convenient it would be to clean if spills occur.


The best seat for your infant, regardless of features or fabric, is one that suits their height and weight, is appropriately mounted in your vehicle and is used correctly every time. Every family’s needs will vary, but we hope that this guide will serve as a good starting point for finding a safe and comfortable car seat.

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