Can You Put Chapstick On A Newborn? Is There a Better Solution For Dry Lips?

Can You Put Chapstick On A Newborn
Chapstick On A Newborn

Can You Put Chapstick On A Newborn? Chapped lips are bothersome and uncomfortable, but what if your baby’s lips are chapped? Should you be concerned? So, what are your options? You may not need to be concerned if your baby’s lips are dry and cracked, as this is a typical problem.

However, you should treat your baby’s chapped lips as soon as possible because chapped lips can make feeding and sleeping difficult. They can potentially cause significant infections or be a symptom of a life-threatening disease.

However, in most situations, natural therapies can heal your infant’s dry lips in just a few days at home.

What’s the deal with your baby’s chapped lips?

A variety of factors could be causing your newborn baby’s chapped lips to split and become uncomfortable.

It could be related to a propensity of lip licking, or your infant could be sucking on their lips. Dry weather and dehydration are also common factors. Baby chapped lips might also indicate underlying health issues.

When the weather is cold and dry, your baby’s lips can become chapped, just like adults’. Lips can also get chapped as a result of excessive friction, such as licking or breastfeeding. While your kid should not be exposed to too much sunlight, baby chapped lips can also be caused by excessive sun exposure. Because a baby’s skin condition can appear worse than it is, you might be concerned about their chapped lips. But don’t worry; it’s very natural.

Because of the continual contact with your skin, your infant’s dry lips may appear dry after nursing if you’re breastfeeding. During nursing, they may also develop a blister on their lip due to friction.

Many parents mistake chapped lips for this. It’s very natural to see a blister on your infant’s dry lip when you’re nursing. Just keep an eye on the blister to make sure it doesn’t pop. Allow it to heal or fall off on its own instead of removing it.

What signs do you look for to see whether your baby’s lips are dehydrated?

Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration if your baby’s chapped lips remain dry. It happens when the body loses so much water and nutrients that it can’t keep up with normal functions. The lists the following indications of dehydration in children:

  • Dry lips and a dry tongue
  • Fewer than six wet diapers for infants
  • No tears when crying
  • Deep, quick breathing
  • Sunken soft place on the infant’s head
  • Sunken eyes dry and wrinkled skin
  • Hands and feet that are cold and blotchy

You should contact your baby’s doctor if you see any of the symptoms listed above.

What if your baby’s lips are constantly chapped?

Baby chapped lips that don’t improve or continue for weeks or longer could signify another health problem in rare circumstances. Vitamin shortages and taking too much of certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, can cause dry and peeling lips.

Another major health problem to be aware of is Kawasaki illness, a rare ailment that causes inflammation of the blood vessels in youngsters.

How to heal a newborn’s chapped lips

Applying breast milk with your fingers is the best and most natural way to heal your infant’s dry lips.

Don’t rub the milk in; you want the area to be slightly damp. Breast milk will repair your baby’s skin and safeguard them from bacteria. In some situations, you may not be adequately breastfeeding your child. The average newborn requires 8 to 12 feedings per day or one every 2 to 3 hours.

You may also keep your newborn’s lips moistened by using a natural, organic lip balm or nipple cream. Coconut oil, which includes lauric acid, a chemical found in breast milk, is another option.

Milk from a mother’s womb. Breast milk is the most effective treatment for chapped lips. You can either squeeze milk directly from your breast onto your baby’s mouth or use a few drops of milk that have already been extracted. If you aren’t breastfeeding, see if a friend has any spare breast milk that you can use for your baby.

Petroleum jelly is a type of lubricant that is Petroleum jelly is an excellent alternative for your baby’s chapped lips because it is gentle and has no additives. Spread a teeny-tiny bit around their lips, being careful not to get any into their mouth.

Chapstick with no fragrance.

It’s critical to check the ingredient labels on any items you use on your baby before using them. Simply because something appears moderate to you does not mean it is mild enough for your infant. The following ingredients should avoid:

  • Camphor
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lanolin
  • Octinoxate of menthol or oxybenzone
  • Propyl gallate phenol (or phenyl)
  • Salicylic acid

Also, keep an eye out for additional flavors or odors in chapstick. Familiar smells and flavors, such as cinnamon, citrus, and peppermint, might irritate your baby’s skin and have an overpowering aroma for their sensitive nose.

How to keep a newborn’s lips from chapping

The best treatment option is often prevention. Use a humidifier in the winter to keep the air in your home wet and prevent your newborn’s lips from drying out.

When you walk outside, especially when it’s sunny or windy, try covering your newborn’s lips to prevent chapping due to the weather. To protect the wind from hitting your baby’s face, you can turn them around or cover their face with a light, breathable fabric or scarf.

Make use of a humidifier.

If the air in your home is often dry, consider placing a humidifier near where your baby sleeps. Their lips and skin will not dry up as a result of the extra moisture in the air.

Protect yourself from the elements.

If you take your infant’s dry lips out in the cold and dry weather, make sure to protect their delicate skin. You can cover their body as much as possible with protective goods such as hats, mittens, socks, and clothing. For additional security, drape a blanket over the handle of their baby carrier or car seat as you walk to and from the car.

You don’t want your infant to overheat, but they also require sun protection. If you plan on exposing your baby to direct sunlight, make sure to use an infant-safe sunscreen. While you should avoid applying sunscreen to their lips, you can keep your infant in the shade and apply sunscreen to any exposed skin.can you put chapstick on a newborn.

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