Fussy baby crying and tips to make the baby happy

Fussy baby
Fussy Baby Crying

There are numerous problems regarding a newborn’s health. One of these is their fussy baby crying. Fussy baby crying, sometimes, becomes highly annoying for parents when they do not have any idea to control their babies’. Regardless of how you are feeding your baby, during the initial few months many babies have a regular time interval of fussy crying which mostly take place in the late afternoon and evening. Some babies have so sharp fussy periods that the parents set their clocks by it. 

 This fussy baby crying can last for a long time if not controlled in a right way, and secondly it will require knowing about the reason why your baby is crying because a real care baby won’t stop crying if not looked in a right manner. In this regard, we are here to aware you about some important reasons why your 4 months old is fussy all day and also, we will share some awesome and useful tips to make your baby happy that will actually relief you a lot. So, stay tuned with us.

What is fussy baby crying?

It is quite usual for almost all the infants to become fussy in the early days of their infancy. It usually starts in the first month, is at its peak in the second month and is gone by 3-4 months. During this initial time of their life, the babies cry more than any other time. It is quite normal for the infant to cry for about 2-3 hours per day. This fussy baby crying may be normal or can sometimes become abnormal by lasting up for long time.

Abnormal baby crying: Most often the Fussy babies cry for mostly 2-3 hours a day which lasts when the baby gets 4 months old but sometimes there might be a situation when the babies cry more than the expected hours a day in more than thrice a week for at least 2-3 weeks in such circumstances, your baby is having a colic. Colic mainly starts when the baby is at least one or two months old and ends completely when he becomes 4 months old. No one has given any precise answer about what are the causes of Colic however; some experts have said that it is mainly caused by the minor problems in intestine and nervous system. Colic is thoroughly a normal thing and does not cause any serious harm to the baby. The baby having this is happy and contended between bouts of crying. Colic isn’t any unique problem. It is very often caused in many newborns and it can be usually consolable if the baby is comforted. It does not make the child to have any long term problems regarding his health in his life ahead. But it should be kept in mind that if something is happening naturally, it doesn’t mean that it is safe and secure. Before thinking about any home treatment or any medicines for your little fusser, always concern with your baby’s pediatrician.

The next one every parent should be aware of is the shaken baby syndrome or the abusive head trauma which is mainly caused when the newborn’s brain is injured from an abusive physical activity. In many cases, when the caretaker or the parent shakes the baby while angry or frustrated just because the real care baby won’t stop crying, there can be diagnose many severe nervous problems to the baby which likewise can result in ultimate nerve damage or even death. The caretaker or the parent can find some other ways to ease out their stress when a baby is crying. In this way, the chances to develop such problems can be reduced. It is easily understood that handling a crying baby is not easy, particularly when the care taker is mentally tired or exhausted; your baby will be taken care of more precisely only if you are looking after yourself as well. So, always make sure to avoid SHAKING the newborn.

Why your baby is Fussy?

Well, in this regard there might be a lot of reasons for why the 4 months old is fussy all day. Babies are mostly fussy when they are passing through growth process which results in overtiredness, discomfort, loneliness and overstimulation for them. Besides that, the common reasons due to which the real care baby won’t stop crying are mentioned just below:

  • When your baby is hungry he won’t stop crying. So, try to notice the primary symptoms of starvation such as mouthwatering or moving hands to the mouth.
  • Always dress up your little one in accordance with the weather and wrap them in same kind of clothing as you are adapting. The cloths which the baby is carrying can sometimes be very annoying and irritating for the baby.
  • Babies often cry when their diapers are wet or soiled. In the early days, they wet their diapers a lot which sometimes cause rashes and skin infections. Always make sure to change their diapers by the right time. 
  • A sleepy baby cries a lot and they need their parents, so always put them in a comfortable position, and swaddle them on their back. In this way they will become little fussy and will sleep well.
  • A bloated stomach and over feeding is another reason for a fussy baby. Besides gas, too much milk can also create discomfort and lasts for a short time.
  • Pain is another main reason why the real care baby won’t stop crying. It can be anything like earache, mouth ulcers, skin burn, rashes and many more. The baby having such problems cries a lot and is not comfortable when they are not crying. Such babies should have a diagnosis by the doctor and then should have a proper treatment.
  • Sometimes the 4 months old is fussy all day because of boredom. In such circumstances, you should go out for a walk along with your baby. Other alternatives are singing songs for them or reading books with them.

Tips to make the baby happy:

Hearing your baby crying for the first time is a thrilling and relaxing experience; it is a general sign that your baby has the landed over the planet safe and sound with a healthy set of lungs. But, as the time goes on, this thrilling and exciting experience quickly turns into concern and frustration. 

Reading up to here you might have learned that babies cries a lot for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the main reasons are hunger, overtiredness or wet and the real care baby won’t stop crying until you fulfill his needs in an appropriate way. But sometimes, getting their sound volume to slow down is not an easy task. To mark out some important tips to calm and sooth a baby is very hard especially when no other tricks are working. Here are some useful tips that will help you to get the tears of your fussy baby, stop instantly and your little fusser will feel better.

1. Try to move your baby:

Moving your baby is the easiest way to sooth and calms him. As we all know that inside the womb, the baby always experiences movements even when his mother is sleeping. So, when he enters the world, staying steady and quiet becomes odd and unfamiliar to him. Shaking the things near him or making the baby move can make him comfortable. 

  • You can rock your baby by placing him/her in your arms and shaking back and forth at the hips. Make sure that you are holding your baby closer to yourself. Use rocking chair when you get tired. Always shift positions while holding him, instead of holding the baby face-up, hold them face –down with your hand under their belly. The force and pressure on their tummy can help in relieving many uncomfortable gases.
  • You can rather use a baby swing which offers calming, soothing and rhythmic swings that can easily handle a fussy baby. Try to get an appropriately designed swing for your little one. Apart from the swing, you can also make your baby comfortable by taking him on a long drive because the soothing motion of the car or a stroller can make many babies fall asleep.

2. Try to create the noise:

If you think that the mother womb is a kind of serene sanctuary, you are absolutely wrong. There are a lot of sounds that diverts your baby’s attention like the rhythmic sound of heart, the passing of blood, the gurgling of stomach and many other similar sounds. So, the newborn is not much familiar with pen drop silence. If your 4 month old is fussy all day, you can easily stop their tears by bringing on some noise near to them.

  • You can turn on the fan which produces a soft whirling sound. This is quite soothing to a fussy baby’s ear. Some babies are calmed down by the weird combination of noise and vibration, so try to tackle your noisy chores. Any type of a machine with a noisy sound has a soothing effect; sounds of birds chirping, rainfall, and waves on the beach will also work very well. 
  • For your comfort, you can also play some soothing tunes of your favorite music can also help you a lot.
  • Always try to mimic a shush sound in your baby’s ears. This quite resembles with the sound in the womb. Say it over and over again.
  • Another interesting way is to record their sound when they are crying and letting them listen to it back. This one can be an interesting way to keep them silent.

3. Make the baby comfortable:

This one is the most important of all. A mother womb is an all in one package of a warm and cozy environment for the baby. That’s why they want the same kind of environment after entering the world. Providing such sort of comfort can stop the tears and make him secure. There are a number ways to do so. 

  • The best of them is swaddling the baby in a blanket or wrapping them in a thin light-weight cloth with your arms across his chests can produce a wonderful soothing effect. Such babies sleep longer. 
  • The next thing is changing the scenery. Moving your baby from one place to another place can also make them feel comfortable and happy. You don’t have to do so by moving out of your house, you can rather do it in your house by moving from bedroom to kitchen, lounge etc. 
  • If you are known about the time you baby cries the most, always try to do something funny at that time or make a laugh track for your baby as laughter is really helpful for anyone who is dealing with uncomfortable emotions. Doing or watching something funny can make your baby feel calm and comfortable. 

4. Try to be known about the basic health problems:

In the early days of parenthood it mostly becomes difficult to determine why your baby is crying too much and in the same way it is difficult for the baby to convey what he is feeling. Most often, the babies cry due to some common health problems as discussed above. In this regard, you should keep a better know how of some common health problems, particularly, of those, which are more likely to occur in the early infancy.  These problems can be related to the baby’s diet or sometimes to your own diet especially when you are breastfeeding your baby. You have to take a good care of yourself by eating a balanced diet, exercising, sleeping well, staying away from smoking or smokers. 

5. Some other easy and quick efforts to calm a fussy baby:

You might have got the idea about the basic ideas you should adapt to calm down your 4 months old fussy all day. Besides all these, there are some other ways which can provide an instant comfort to you and your baby. 

  • You can use a pacifier for your baby that will fulfill their sucking needs and will sooth them with the blink of your eye. The American  Academy of Pediatrics do not consider anything wrong in offering the pacifier to you baby and it won’t harm your baby’s development. Recent studies have shown that pacifying the baby can prevent the chances of sudden infant death syndrome SIDs. 
  • Moreover, you should give a relaxing and soothing baby massage to your baby that will help them in easing out their tiredness and can give them a soothing sleep. Many babies love skin-to-skin contact. Always talk to a pediatrician about the oils and lotions you should use for your baby.
  • Always try to keep the lights dim as too much spark can affects the baby’s nerves. So, do not place the baby near bright lights of lamps or TV.


Here are some frequently asked questions, most parents are concerned about:

Should I visit a doctor if my baby is having colic?

Colic is not any serious threat to your baby’s health. It generally occurs in half of the newborns. It usually starts in the second month and is gone when the forth month last. Make sure that your baby hasn’t any other problem in their stomach or head

Can moving or swinging the baby be dangerous?

It usually depends how you are holding your baby. Always hold them close to your arms and chest so that they won’t get jerky movements. If you are not holding them in a right way you may give a way to shaken baby syndrome.

Can playing music near baby be dangerous?

It depends with what volume and frequency you are playing it. Always choose an appropriate volume for your baby as high volume can damage baby’s ears which are very delicate.

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