How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need For A Newborn Baby?

Baby Bottles Do I Need
How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need

Being a new parent, it is daunting and tedious to hunt down the perfect baby gear. There are a plethora of baby items that overwhelm the parents. The shopping spree begins with numerous questions swirling in mind. Finally, it ends up with how many bottles do I need for a newborn baby. Let us help you out in your quest. You don’t want your newborn to cry out at the top of his voice, and you remain busy washing the bottle to prepare for the next feed.

Let us dive into the details to know the exact quantity of how many bottles do I need for the newborn baby. Moreover, you will also get a deep insight into the factors responsible for choosing suitable baby bottles among the diverse range of available baby bottles in the markets.

How many baby bottles do I need for newborns and twins?

Hold on! You do not need to worry about how many bottles do you need for newborn babies. You need to decide first that how often you plan to feed your newborn. It is not possible for every mother to breastfeed their babies exclusively.

At times, you will still need the bottle for additional supplements and baby formula as well. You must ask yourself three important questions before deciding the number of your baby bottles.

  • Will you breastfeed the baby exclusively and need the bottle occasionally when you express breast milk?
  • Will you feed the baby on bottles only?
  • Will you be a working mom or a stay-at-home mommy?

Both the questions are vital in your decision. You must consider how many times you plan to use the bottle for feeding the little angel. Even with sterilising equipment handy, you need to have a backup of 4-6 bottles, and the same goes for the teats.

Do you want to know the reason behind this suggested quantity? Newborns generally tend to have 8-12 times feed in a day. So, get ready with sufficient 10-12 bottles and teats for your babies.  

However, only one bottle and teat is sensible to use bottle once or occasionally in a day. But if you wish to know How many bottles and teats you need for babies, particularly twins, double your bottles quantity. You must not buy all the bottles instantly in one go. Start with a small baby bottle and move on to the big one till the baby grows up.

TIP: Start with a small baby bottle and move on to the big one till the baby grows up. Buy the bottle that suits your baby perfectly.

How many types of bottles are there for babies?

There is a wide variety of baby bottles ranging from essential bottles, anti-colic bottles to wine bottles and ready to feed bottles. Get some know-how of it to choose it easily:

Basic bottles

  • Cylindrical and narrow shaped
  • Standard bottles
  • Have their teats
  • Reasonable price
  • Widely available
  • Hard to fill

Anti-colic bottles

  • Bit expensive
  • Design reduces colic symptoms- air vents, collapsible bag and tubes
  • Tough to clean
  • Not perfect for every baby

TIP: Prevent the swallowing of air by keeping the teat filled with milk

Wide-necked bottles

  • Shorter
  • Fatter
  • Usually silicone teats
  • Self-sealing lid
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Occupy more space in the steriliser so clean one by one


Ready-to-feed bottles

*      Contains sterilised milk

*      Perfect for fulfilling medical advices

*      Expensive

*      Environmental friendly

Factors to Cherry-Pick the best baby Bottles for newborn


What is the kind of your baby bottle?

Markets are full of several types of baby bottles. All you need to do is choose from the most common variety- plastic or glass? Every kind has its pros and cons.

Glass BottlesHard to get damageDurableEasy to cleanNo need to warp for heating and cooling  Easy to breakNot readily availableExpensive  
Plastic BottlesCheapReadily available  Not durableNeed to replace after 3-4 monthsContains harmful chemicals  

What should be the shape?

 Select the shape of the bottle for your babies smartly and wisely. You can either choose up the standard baby bottles or the angled ones. Decide on the correct position for your baby that relaxes him while feeding. Furthermore, it must prevent the chances of making baby colic and reduce the possibility of gases. Laid down position is suitable for ordinary baby bottles. However, the semi-upright position is perfect for feeding babies with angled bottles.  

How much should be the Price?

Parents wish to get the best for their babies. However, you need to choose the best baby bottle according to your budget. Indeed, your baby gets used to the baby bottle, whichever you introduce. It can be any brand; all matters to your baby is feeding timely, not the price. Therefore, think and choose how many bottles do I need for the newborn baby?

What type of Nipples to use?

Here the ball is in your baby court, and he will decide and let you know of the quality of your buying. Did you buy the right nipple or fail to do so? You can choose silicone nipples that are bite-proof, durable and heat resistant. These are available in various flow strengths. You have to replace Latex regularly.  

TIP: Begin your feeding journey with stage 1. It will be identical to the flow rate of deary mommy. 

Should it be Easy to clean?

We cannot simply choose a bottle looking at its appealing looks. When it comes to the babies and how many baby bottles do I need for the newborn baby? You cannot spend the whole time cleaning the baby bottles merely. So, choose the baby bottle and the brand with the minimum bottle parts. 

TIP: Clean the baby bottle with a baby brush. Don’t forget to sanitize it after usage. 

Wrap Up

It is a tricky question for the mommy to know how many baby bottles do I need? Read the article till the end to know how many bottles you need. Don’t forget to double the quantities of baby bottles if you are having twins.

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