How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need in a Week? All You Need To Know About Diapers in Your New Parenthood

How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need
How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need?


Babies obviously can not go to washrooms themselves, neither they can tell you on their own when they need to. Sometimes, the new parents or soon-to-be parents have no idea about how much should they stock the diapers for their babies. Hence, this lack of knowledge often leads to extra expenses incurred which they could spend on some other things for their baby.

Nonetheless, every parent wants to spend every single penny and provide everything to their child in the world.

How many newborn diapers do I need?

Many parents think f using the cloth diaper which is totally okay. However, if your baby has sensitive skin, you might have to cut on this idea and adopt having actual diapers for your baby to save him from getting hurt.

Studies say that on average three thousand disposable diapers are used in the initial period after birth. Sometimes when people organize baby showers, they do get diapers as presents too. Still, some parents do not understand how much they will need and spend a lot of amounts on diapers which might be of no use as your baby starts to grow.

How many diapers of each size?

Right after the birth, you will notice the growth in your baby every passing day. And because of this growth, the diapers one pile-up becomes irrelevant to the size of the baby and become part of huge wastage.

Therefore, we have come up with the guide below which will help you in deciding the right size as per your baby’s size and health. Let us have a look…

·         Diapers for Preemie

For a preemie, you will need a preemie size diaper. These diapers are designed to fit at least children having a weight of 6 lbs. And you will need quite a lot because you have to change your baby’s diaper frequently during this period.

·         Diapers for Newborn

You will need 8 to 10 diapers during this time per day. The diapers for newborns fit babies of 10 lbs.

·         Diapers of size 1

Diapers of size 1 are for babies having a weight of at least 8 to 14 lbs that too at least 9 diapers each day.

·         Diapers of size 2

Size 2 diapers can be worn by babies having 12 to 18 lbs. A mother would need 8 to 9 diapers for her baby every day.

·         Diapers of size 3

Babies weighing 16 to 28 lbs can wear size 3 diapers. With the need of 6 to 7 diapers each day.

·         Diapers of size 4

Babies weighing 22 to 37 lbs can wear size 3 diapers. With the need of 5 to 7 diapers each day.

·         Diapers of size 5

You will need as required diapers during this time per day. The diapers of size 5 fit babies Less than 27 lbs.

·         Diapers of size 6

You will need as required diapers during this time per day. The diapers of size 5 fit babies Less than 35 lbs.

·         Diapers size chart

Diapers by size

Diaper size



Number of diapers



More than 6 lbs

As required


Only for the initial few weeks

At least 10 lbs

2 to 3 packs

Size 1

Birth to 4 months

8 to 14 lbs

At least 13 packs

Size 2

3 to 8 months

12 to 18 lbs

At least 15 packs

Size 3

5 to 24 months

16 to 28 lbs

27 packs

Size 4

18 to 36 months

22 to 37 lbs

17 packs

Size 5

More than 3 years

Less than 27 lbs

As required

Size 6

More than 4 years

Less than 35 lbs

As required


After reading the diaper size chart and the description above, one must be able to thoroughly understand the requirements of diapers at every age of their baby. This whole guide was solely written with the purpose to serve the new parents and those who are going to be parents in the near future.

Best of luck with your parenthood!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For how long can I use newborn diapers?

Once your baby starts to get fit in newborn diapers, they can last for up to 1 to 3 months at least. However, it varies from situation to situation.

At what age do babies need to grow out of diapers of size 1?

In the starting years, the growth of every baby is different from each other just like the cases of pregnancy. However, on average, when a baby gets older than 4 to 5 months, he can grow out of diapers of size 1.

Does my baby need diaper cream whenever I change his diaper?

It depends on the skin of the baby. If he has sensitive skin and gets rashes often then you may need to use it. Otherwise, do consult your doctor or check the manufacturers of the rash cream. Obviously, you would not like your little munchkin to get hurt.

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