What Makes Baby Shampoo Tear-Free?

What makes baby shampoo tear free?
What makes baby shampoo tear free?

So picture this. You’re getting your baby (or babies if you got blessed with more than one) ready for showering. You’ve got all the soap on him or her. Then you bring in the Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo and apply that to his or her hair. But he/she is just absolutely chilling in the water? Playing with the duck or the ship and he or she has not cried for one single second? HOW?

We all know and have seen babies cry the moment a single drop of shampoo-mixed-with-water goes into the eyes of a baby; they start to cry almost uncontrollably. But that doesn’t happen with the Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo. But how? Well, keep reading till the end to find that out.

Busting an Urban Myth:

Contrary to (a very) popular (and an equally ridiculous) a belief, Novocain and Lidocaine are not added to baby shampoos at all. Why? because Lidocaine is toxic for our little humans.

And with Novocain, there is (quite frankly) a strange and confusing argument that manufacturers add Novocain to the formula as an ingredient to cause numbness in babies, which in turn makes them susceptible to absolutely no pain. Even if the shampoo then is absorbed by the scalp, or by the skin of any other part of the body, say, the shoulders or the ears.

 But this second myth, quite honestly, is beyond stupidity, Novocain is not added at all which you can judge easily for yourself as literally anyone who would be bathing the baby would feel numbness in their hands if the shampoo had Novocain in it, and when the shampoo would come into contact with an adult’s wet hands. Not to mention how it can easily cause overdose for babies because their scalp would be absorbing all of these harmful chemicals. Or maybe the baby would have ingested the shampoo if it got mixed in with bathwater. Either way, it clearly is not Lidocaine and Novocain.

Then what exactly does make the shampoo tear-free?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). That’s the short answer. The long answer is that SLS is usually used to thoroughly cleanse your hair and produces quite a lot of lather while you are washing them. Baby shampoo like the Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo don’t have this.

Usually, babies don’t have to do much. Well apart from annoying us adults sometimes totally randomly and sometimes very predictably. Other very baby-like things include being cute and trying to eat whatever they possibly can. So since they don’t have to get their hair that dirty like all of us adults ever would, they don’t really need SLS for their shampoos, like the Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo, which makes it tear-free.

About the Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo:

Now you might be wondering, well, it sounds all nice and good, but how good is Equate’s shampoo anyway? Well, we have some very good reasons why not only you would use it for your baby (or babies), but would even recommend your friends and family to use the Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo.

  • It also works as a baby wash.
  • You need not buy two separate products when one gets the job done.
  • Zero effects of abrasion whatsoever! Keeps your baby’s skin safe and shiny.
  • Does not harm baby skin whether the weather is winter or summer.
  • Smells absolutely beautiful and pleasant.
  • Makes baby’s hair look clean and fresh!
  • Kills all kinds of germs.
Adorable baby girl taking a bath
Some Critical Reviews Showed Up Too Though

Some Critical Reviews Showed Up Too Though:

But of course, not everyone who has used the Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo has had pleasant things to say about it. Reviews that were critical of this shampoo include arguments such as:

  • Claims that the fragrance is now too strong.
  • Others have said that the bottles now leak much more than ever.
  • Lastly, many have said that it does cause pain to their babies.

In Conclusion:

The Equate Baby Wash & Shampoo is your go-to choice if you want a shampoo that does not make your baby cry and helps in fighting off germs even as a baby wash. Though you should ideally be wary of the side effects it may possess. 

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